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Choosing A Heating System For Your Lee County Home

Without the right knowledge of home heating methods, choosing a new system for your home can be a daunting decision. If you’re in the market for a new heating system for your Lee County home, take some time to learn about the different types of heating equipment available in our area. This will help you gain a better understanding of what will work best for your home, family, and budget.


There are three types of furnaces: natural gas, electric, and propane. Gas furnaces heat your home by burning combustible fuels. Propane is stored in tanks and is good for homes where natural gas isn’t accessible. Electric furnaces heat your home using electricity to push air over a hot element, heating it up before it enters your home. 

Spencer Heating & Air is proud to offer a full line of American Standard heating products. These systems are built to perform for years to come and offer great energy efficiency, and award-winning warranties. We’ve outlined a few of our favorites below: 

Platinum 95 Furnace:

The Platinum 95 Furnace offers the best in heating efficiency. This system optimizes humidity and percent of fuel burned to provide you with the best comfort levels and lowest energy bills. It even runs quietly and distributes warm air evenly throughout every room of your home with its variable-speed fan motor. 

Gas S9V2-VS Gas Furnace:

This gas furnace is the quietest we have to offer! It provides efficient performance with consistent flow of warm, comfortable air. This variable speed system is also designed to accommodate virtually any home with its industry-changing cabinet design.

American Standard 92 Furnace:

The American Standard 92 Furnace provides reliable and efficient operation at a great value. With high fuel-to-heat conversion, you’ll pay less to heat your home and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This furnace has a multi-speed blower motor and operates quietly.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump can work as an air conditioner or a heating system by using one refrigerant line. They use outside air and pressurized refrigerant lines to absorb heat and emit it into your home. Heat pumps from American Standard are great because they keep your home cool and comfortable in the summer, and warm in the winter. They can even regulate your home’s humidity, which helps keep your home even more efficient. We often recommend heat pumps to homeowners in our area because they are perfect for Central Alabama weather!

We’ve listed a few of the great heat pumps we offer from the American Standard product line below. Please contact us with any questions related to keeping your home comfortable.

AccuComfort™ Platinum 20 Heat Pump:

The Platinum 20 Heat Pump is the most efficient on the market as it uses variable speed heating and cooling to maximize home comfort at a lower operating cost. It offers the quietest operation compared to its nearest competitors, and continually operates instead of cycling on and off, providing the most consistent temperatures for your home. This system can improve heating capacity by as much as 20% while lowering your bills by as much as 50% per year, depending on your current system.

AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 19 Low Profile Heat Pump:

This heat pump provides high efficiency and quiet operation with variable speed heating and cooling. Its low profile design is built for space-constrained areas making it perfect for hotels, condos, restaurants, outdoor living spaces, and bedrooms. Working in conjunction with your thermostat, it keeps appropriately tempered air circulating throughout your home, reducing temperature variances.

Silver 15 Heat Pump:

The Silver 15 Heat Pump provides consistent comfort and efficiency through single-stage heating and cooling. This system comes at a great value and even reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Many models meet efficiency requirements for a federal energy tax credit when installed as part of a complete system. Even better, it still offers quiet operation and durable elements. heating system

What’s Next?

Your next step for choosing the right heating system for your home is consulting with a licensed professional from Spencer Heating & Air. We care about the comfort of your whole home and want to help keep you warm this winter. 

Call 334-887-9020 today to make an appointment, and be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram! heating system