Should my Unused HVAC Vents Be Closed?

Should my Unused HVAC Vents Be Closed?

“Does it save money to close the air vents in rooms I don’t use?”

At Spencer Heating & Air, this is one of our more frequent questions, especially during the heat of the summer. Here in Auburn, Alabama and the surrounding areas, we understand that everyone’s looking for tips and tricks to save money on cooling their home. We are always looking for ways to help you have an affordable HVAC system, too!

Closing the air vents in lesser-used rooms seems like it would make sense. This should just lessen the amount of cooled air your unit has to circulate into your home, right? Well, not exactly.

How Your HVAC System Works

Professional HVAC installers strategically put in AC systems, ductwork, and vents so that they’re balanced throughout your home. Consequently, when you shut vents in your home, you’re throwing off that balance. The air conditioning in your entire house can be altered because of a single closed or blocked vent.

The Truth Behind Closing Vents

Closed vents can cause pressure to build in your air ducts. This pressure eventually causes small leaks, leaking air into the wrong parts of your home (like your attic!). This pressure buildup forces the unit to work harder to distribute the same amount of cooled air throughout your home, an effect that can have long-term consequences on your HVAC system– like higher energy bills or system damages.

What’s the takeaway?

Leave all of your vents open! Ultimately, your AC system will work more efficiently (and save you more money) if all your vents are open and flowing. What if you still think your energy bills are too high? Contact us at Spencer Heating & Air! We’re happy to perform an extensive evaluation of your entire HVAC system. Contact us at 334-887-9020 or visit today!

Spencer Heating & Air is fully licensed and insured. We offer round the clock emergency service.

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  1. It’s fantastic that you mentioned that if all of your vents are open and running, your air conditioner would perform more efficiently. My room’s air conditioner is leaking water, and I’d like to fix it this week. I’ll need to talk with a professional for assistance with cleaning and servicing my air conditioner. Thank you very much for writing this article!

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