Why HVAC Warranties are Important

Why HVAC Warranties are Important

If you’re like most consumers, you spend a lot of time researching the price and the performance of a new HVAC system when your old one needs to be replaced. However, most of us spend little or no time to analyze what type of warranties the systems’ manufacturer offers. While this part of the transaction is less popular than energy efficiency or cost savings, it’s still an important part of the deal.

Why Product Warranties are Important

A warranty is a promise from the manufacturer that the heating and cooling system will perform as advertised and outlined in the sales documents. Because the possibility of factory defects are generally not apparent simply by looking at the new system, warranties provide a way for the manufacturer to correct the issue for the buyer should he or she have problems with the system after purchasing it. Most warranties have a specific time limit and also limit the parts of the system that are covered.

1. Protection Against Huge Repair Expenses

A strong warranty gives you confidence that the manufacturer feels they have produced a quality product. If something fails on their comfort system, they are willing to stand behind it.

2. Value When Reselling Your Home

Many warranties are transferable. That means the new owner of your home can take advantage of the warranty protection if he or she has an issue with the system after you’ve sold your home.

3. Reasons to Keep Up on Maintenance

Most warranties require that you follow through with regularly scheduled maintenance. This gives homeowners one more good reason to do what is already a good idea, one that can extend the lifetime of your furnace and its energy efficiency.

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3 thoughts on “Why HVAC Warranties are Important”

  1. Product warranties are beneficial to both the customers and the business owners because: They set expectations. Customers know what they’re getting into if they ever need to fix or return the products. They protect both parties.

  2. Greetings! Well, you were most certainly right by highlighting that a certified warranty can seriously prevent us from having to spend more on fixing any issue with our HVAC system. As for me, I believe it would be smart if my brother hires an expert to look into the matter really soon so he can have a functioning utility in his apartment again. The heater in his bedroom suddenly stopped working two days ago and he doesn’t really know what might’ve caused it.

  3. I agree when you said that a strong warranty assures you that the maker believes the product is of high quality. I want to repair the boiler in my house since last night I suspected that there is something wrong with it. Thanks for the information on HVAC warranties and I hope that I can get a good service for myself soon.

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