creating a smart home in Auburn, AL

Top 5 Components for Creating A Smart Home

Create Your Auburn, AL Smart Home

With all the technology that exists today, you can quickly turn your house into a smart home with just a few simple upgrades. Having a smart home means better efficiency and convenience, and new technology makes it easier than ever before. Keep reading to find out how to turn your Auburn house into a smart home with the 5 simple components. 

1. Safety

Whether you have been living without a security system or with a traditional wired one, a smart security system is an excellent addition to your family’s safety. With a choice for every budget, there are plenty of options when selecting your security system, from professionally installed smart systems to DIY ones. With easy installation, you can have one of these systems up and running in under an hour. There are options to customize every aspect of your safety, like doorbell cameras, interior and exterior cameras, smoke detectors, and water level detectors. 

You can also keep your home safe with an electronic door lock. These allow you to use a password, phone, or even your voice to lock and unlock your door. Not only will these locks enhance your safety, but you also won’t have to worry about losing your key again.

Helpful Tip: If you add a security system to your home, be sure to contact your insurance company before you make any decisions. Most insurance companies will give you a discount when a security system is installed in your home. 

2. Garage

Have you ever forgotten to close your garage door before leaving for work? With smart garage door controls, you can control your garage door wherever you are right from your phone. The controls attach to your existing garage door opener, allowing you to see if the door is open or closed and giving you access to control it with the push of a button. 

3. Lighting

One of the easiest ways to give you more control over the lighting in your home is to replace your regular light bulbs with smart bulbs. These bulbs can be set to turn on and off on a schedule, dim themselves in the evening, and even change color depending on the time of day. There are hundreds of smart bulbs on the market that cover just about any feature you could need in your home. smart home

4. Music

Music is something many people like to play in the background of their daily lives at work, home, or out and about. Although we love our music, it can be frustrating to have to get up and change the song or lower the volume. Now, you can add a smart sound system to your entire house easily. Smart sound systems fully integrate into your home with ceiling speakers or simpler small wifi speakers that can be plugged in and placed wherever you desire in an instant. 

5. Comfort System

You can also improve the comfort and efficiency of your whole home by installing a smart thermostat. These thermostats give you complete control of your home’s comfort in the most efficient way. Not only will your comfort be improved, but you’ll save money by being able to schedule the thermostat’s settings according to when you’re home and away. And, you can set the temperature right from your phone, no matter where you are. 

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