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Home Heating Fire Prevention Tips – Protect Your Home This Winter

Home Heating Fire Prevention Tips – Protect Your Home This Winter

As it begins to get colder, we’ll find ourselves reaching to turn on the heat more often. Unfortunately, heating is the second leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries. Because of this, it is important to know what preventative steps you can take! Follow along to see how simple steps can make a huge difference in preventing home fires this winter. 

Clear Some Space!

While it may seem simple, it is crucial to leave space around any heating elements in your home. Your furnace, boiler, and space heater all require a wide berth of space without any flammable materials nearby. Space heaters alone are involved in 74% of fire related deaths. Clear space and keep safe!

Get Furnace Maintenance

Have your furnace inspected and cleaned by a HVAC professional, such as those at Spencer Heating & Air. Possible fire starting hazards include the furnace’s air filter being blocked, your furnace’s gas pressure being too high, or a crack in your furnace’s heat exchanger. Additionally, an unserviced furnace likely has dirty air filters which decreases your indoor air quality. These hazards can be prevented or even caught while still minor with a fall maintenance tune-up.

Check Fireplaces & Chimneys

We all love to gather around the fireplace as it gets chilly outside. Keep you and your family safe by practicing these fire prevention tips when using your fireplace.

  • If your fireplace burns wood, only burn seasoned hardwood. Do NOT burn items like cardboard boxes, Christmas trees, etc.! 
  • Be sure to open the flue before the fireplace is used.
  • Have your chimney professionally cleaned and inspected every year. Build-up in your chimney can cause fires.
  • Use glass doors or sturdy screens to keep embers inside the fireplace. 
  • Keep young children away from the fireplace to prevent any accidents or burns.

Never Use An Oven to Heat Your Home

Not only is this a very inefficient way to go about heating your home, it can also lead to many risks. Warming your home with a natural gas oven can cause carbon monoxide poisoning – a “silent killer” which can lead to damage to your health or even death. Additionally, ovens are designed to be used for only a short amount of time and do not have vents. Without venting they are unable to properly release air or fumes outside like your boiler or furnace would.

Have Quality A Heating System

Spencer Heating & Air proudly offers American Standard heating and cooling products. These systems have been recognized by HVAC technicians for their extreme reliability and durability. A quality system can make all the difference in keeping your family safe. Additionally, be sure that your equipment is installed by trained professionals. 

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