heating bill is higher than normal

Why Your Heating Bill Is Higher Than Normal

Why Your Heating Bill Is Higher Than Normal

As temperatures get cooler outside, we often see an increase in our heating bills. However, opening your energy bill each month shouldn’t be a costly surprise. If you’re experiencing gut-wrenching energy bills month after month, there could be several reasons why. Keep reading to learn more about some causes of, and solutions for, high heating bills.

Cranking Up The Heat

We’re all guilty of it: cranking up the heat when we feel cold to the bone. Nobody enjoys coming home to a cold house after being outside in the cold, and because of this, your furnace could be working overtime to keep your home at the temperature you deem comfortable. In this case (and so many others), a programmable thermostat could be a worthwhile investment. 

Programmable thermostats allow you to set temperatures on a schedule according to your lifestyle. This way, when you’re not home, your furnace doesn’t constantly run to warm an empty space, wasting energy and money. Schedule your heating system to warm up your house a bit before you expect to arrive home instead, or set temperatures for specific zones of your home to heat the areas you occupy most. 

Learn more about our programmable thermostats here. 

Doing Extra Laundry

We tend to do more laundry in the winter due to the additional layers we all wear for the colder weather. And don’t forget about all the blankets piled around that add yet another load of laundry to do. Constantly running the washer and dryer will increase your energy bill in the winter. Try washing clothes and blankets in cold water when possible, and hang up items to dry. This could save you a considerable amount on your energy bills. 

An Inefficient Heat Pump Or Furnace

Sometimes you need to look right at the source: your heat pump or furnace. Your HVAC system uses the most energy of anything in your home, so when it’s running inefficiently, you can definitely see a spike in your energy bills. Also, if rooms are heating unevenly or your system is making odd noises, it’s probably not running as efficiently as possible and it might be time to look into a new option to help save you money in the short and the long run.

Spencer Heating & Air proudly offers a series of American Standard furnaces and heat pumps that are well-known for their high efficiency levels. Don’t keep a system that gives out on you when you need it most and wastes your money. Reach out to Spencer Heating and Air to talk about furnace or heat pump replacement today.

Poor Insulation

Your home’s insulation is easily forgotten about, but could also be a major culprit of high energy bills. If your home is poorly insulated, you could be losing all your warm air through your attic, your walls, leaky windows, or even drafty doors. Upgrading to double paned windows, sealing any gaps around doors and/or windows, and adding more insulation to the walls and attic of your home can greatly reduce your bill.

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Heating bill is higher than normal Heating bill is higher than normal Heating bill is higher than normalHeating bill is higher than normal Heating bill is higher than normal