Reducing Your Energy Bills

4 Tips for Reducing Your Energy Bills This Summer

Reducing Your Energy Bills

With the sweltering heat we experience here in East Alabama, it’s no surprise that your energy bills can start to get expensive. It feels like your air conditioning system often runs close to 24/7 in the summer months, and it sure adds up! Thankfully, there are a few ways start reducing your energy bills without having to sweat inside your own home. That’s a win-win!

Add Some Fans

While fans don’t actually produce cold air, they can help make the air feel cooler by moving conditioned air around in your home. So while the temperature in a given space won’t actually drop, you’ll feel cooler and more comfortable under the air of the fan. Because fans make a space feel cooler, you can keep your home a couple degrees warmer to save a little money each month. A fan itself will make only a very small impact on your energy bill, however, paired with more efficient temperature settings on your thermostat, you’ll see more energy savings. Remember to shut your fans off when leaving your home. There’s no reason to leave them running if nobody is home to experience the cool air flow!

Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced

If your air conditioning system isn’t operating efficiently, you’re bound to notice an increase in your energy bills. For this reason, it truly pays to have your system regularly maintained. We  offer maintenance programs with semi-annual visits to inspect and service your system. This takes the stress out of having to remember to find and schedule a technician to come look at your HVAC system. Give Spencer Heating & Air a call to have your system inspected and running at maximum efficiency this summer! 

Close Blinds & Avoid Oven Use

We know… these seem like odd tips! We promise they can help. During the day, close the blinds or curtains over windows which are allowing direct sunlight in. It’s been shown that highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by around 45%, when completely closed. That’s some serious reduction in heat which helps your HVAC system run more efficiently. It also helps to avoid using your oven, especially during the hot afternoons. Ovens will emit extra heat into your home and force your air conditioning system to work overtime to cool your home. Instead, choose to grill outdoors or use a slow cooker or quick toaster oven to keep your kitchen cool. 

Air Leaks

During hot Alabama summers, you want to keep all your cool air inside, and hot air out! Remind your family to keep doors shut when coming in and out of the house. Windows should be shut as well! Take a walk around your home to search for any cracks or gaps around windows or doors. Use caulk or other similar sealants to close up any gaps which could be letting hot air seep into your home. 

Contact Spencer HVAC

To have your air conditioning system serviced, simply give Spencer Heating & Air a call at (334) 887-9020. We can provide additional insight on ways to increase your energy efficiency in your home. Our technicians have years of experience and are here to help! 

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