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5 Signs You May Need Your Air Ducts Repaired or Replaced

Air Ducts

If you’ve recently noticed changes in the performance of your home’s comfort system, you’ve probably been desperately trying to figure out the problem. Because there are so many components to your system, finding the source of poor air flow, uneven heating or cooling, or even higher energy bills can be difficult. One source that usually doesn’t come to mind is your air ducts. Leaky, dirty air ducts can take a toll on your comfort, especially in our hot, humid climate in Auburn. On top of this, your indoor air quality and your wallet will suffer as well. To determine whether your air ducts need to be repaired or replaced, look for these signs:

1. Strange Odors and Dust

The source of your issue may come from a leak in your ductwork, causing dust and debris to bypass your air filters and enter directly into your system. Once it’s in, it travels through the ducts and flows throughout your home. That’s why, when this is the issue, you’ll often notice musty smells and usually dust buildup on surfaces in your home. By having your air ducts repaired or replaced in this scenario, you’re saving yourself and your family from unhealthy air quality and the constant need for cleaning.

2. Poor Air Flow

It’s possible that there’s been a drop in air pressure from your vents. This can also be caused by a leak in your ductwork. Poor air flow causes uneven cooling in your home and drives up your energy bills. With less air being pushed out of your ducts into your home, your system has to work harder to reach the set point of the thermostat. This means higher bills accompanied by uncomfortable living conditions.

3. Hot and Cold Spots

As mentioned above, a leak in your air ducts can cause hot and cold areas in your home. You’ll feel these when leaving one room, entering another, and feeling a noticeable change in temperature. Uneven cooling is inefficient and leads to uncomfortable temperatures throughout your home. Repairing your air ducts quickly in this scenario can save you money and get your home comfortable again.

4. Higher Energy Bills 

When your air ducts are in need of cleaning, repair, or replacement, you’re sure to experience higher than normal energy bills. Maybe you haven’t noticed the unusual dust buildup or the uneven cooling throughout your home, but once your energy bills rise you know something is wrong. Don’t spend more money to be less comfortable.

5. Visible Damage

Maybe you’re a new homeowner or maybe you’ve owned your home for years; either way, if you’ve never taken a look at your duct work, now may be a good time. Carefully check for things such as peeling tape, holes, or loose connections, and have them repaired immediately to prevent further issues. It could be that they’ve been improperly maintained or they may have even been improperly installed. Whatever the cause, it needs to be resolved.

What’s Next?

If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, contact Spencer Heating & Air. We offer customized ductwork and can give you advice on what exactly your home needs.

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