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Guide to Heating and Cooling Older Homes

Guide To Heating & Cooling Older Homes

Older homes have many appeals. Their stunning architecture, unique structure or even the history attached to the home can motivate homeowners to purchase an older home. While these, and many more perks, make older homeownership an exciting experience, deciding how to heat and cool your older Auburn area home can be a challenge. This is […]

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Fall and Winter HVAC Maintenance Steps

Fall & Winter HVAC Maintenance Steps

Fall & Winter Maintenance Steps Fall is quickly approaching Auburn, Alabama! While our East Alabama climate doesn’t exactly create the same recurring threats of snow and sleet felt by Northerners during this time of year, temperatures will still be dropping in the coming months. This is why preparing your air conditioning system for a wintertime

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The Nate Certification Advantage

Spencer Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to send NATE-Certified technicians into customers’ homes across Auburn and West Alabama every day. While this distinction of being Nate-Certified surely sounds reaffirming, what does it actually mean? North American Technician Excellence NATE, an abbreviation for North American Technician Excellence, is the nation’s largest non-profit certification organization for heating,

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HVAC Energy Efficiency Ratings

HVAC Energy Efficiency Ratings If you are in the market to replace and/ or upgrade your home’s heating and cooling system, you may be looking for a new model that is more energy efficient than your current system. Fortunately, there is good news when it comes to HVAC energy efficiency. There are numerous models available

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling System?

Your home’s heating and cooling system is an absolute necessity. Most folks expect them to keep functioning smoothly for a very long time, and rightfully so. However, your older system could be costing you money in the long-run. An upgraded system can lower your energy costs as well as maintain your home’s temperature and humidity

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Does My HVAC System Really Need Regular Maintenence?

Do I really need regular maintenance on my HVAC? Your HVAC system is free from weird sounds or funny smells, and it’s been working just fine, so why get regular maintenance checks? Like our personal health or our car’s performance, a regular maintenance check on your HVAC system can reveal problems you can’t hear or

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