How to Ensure Your Home Holds Up In the Summer Heat

How to Ensure Your Home Holds Up In the Summer Heat

Ensure Your Home Holds Up This Summer

Summer is coming and while you might be prepared to take on the heat, your home might not be. In order to stay cool inside your home and ensure everything holds up in the summer heat, there are a few maintenance tasks that should be taken care of. These are a few of our top tips for keeping you and your house cool during the summer.

Change Filter

A common issue during the summer is your air conditioning system not being able to effectively cool your home beyond a certain temperature. This could be for a number of reasons, but it might be as simple as a dirty air filter. Dust, dirt, and even pet hair can clog up an air conditioner’s air filter and limit air flow or even your system’s functionality. If your air filter becomes too clogged, your system will even shut itself down to prevent damage to the system or your home. Change those filters!


If replacing your air filter doesn’t do the trick, you could have a refrigerant leak in your air conditioning system, or another issue. Schedule professional HVAC repair on your air conditioner to make sure that you resolve the problem with the help of a trusted, experienced, and licensed technician so you can get your home back to cool and comfortable temperatures!

Program your Thermostat

Believe it or not, setting your thermostat a couple degrees warmer might actually help your home withstand a heat wave or general hot weather this summer. When your systems are constantly set to a very low temperature, they can have a hard time catching up and might give out on the hottest days of the year. While you might have to deal with a little bit of a warmer temperature inside your home, programming your thermostat to 75+ degrees could help keep your HVAC system in good condition during the summer.

Keep Shades Closed

The sun and its heat can get into your home through your windows and warm up the entire house. Check around your house when it’s especially sunny out to make sure all the blinds and shades are closed to help keep your house cooler.

Don’t Use Appliances

Okay, we know you’ll have to use appliances throughout the summer, but try to limit your use of them during the hottest part of the day to not add extra heat to rooms in your home. Dishwashers, stoves, and even the washer and dryer can contribute to more energy usage, and therefore more heat, to your home. Instead, try hand-washing dishes, buying prepared food, going out to dinner, grilling, and hanging clothes up to dry outside. 

Keep your System Updated

At the end of the day, a more efficient air conditioner will do a better job of keeping your house cool in the hot weather. If you’ve had your HVAC system for a while and are thinking of getting a replacement, a great option is an American Standard high-efficiency system from Spencer Heating & Air! Our variable speed systems perform at a lower operating cost and provide even cooling and humidity control to keep your home more comfortable throughout every season!

Choose Us

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